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Every business department benefits from taking FourC Groovy Cloud System into use. Read more about how you can save time, resources and money, and start making more money instead!


Click on your area of interest:


Speed up software development!


  • Use standard development tools and methods

  • GUI integration without required API adoption

  • No application side effects on same device

  • Use totally disconnected development teams

  • Safe and fast testing on remote devices

  • Speed up development drastically by using ready-made cloud infrastructure

  • Use pre-installed Linux templates to produce new applications rapidly

  • Enable beta-testing in real production environments

  • And more!

Reduce resource use for operational tasks!


  • Feature-rich asset management for thousands of devices

  • Safe and atomic OS and software updates on remote devices

  • Manual or automatic rollback in case of failure

  • One click application installations to definable groups

  • Monitor health of devices and peripherals

  • Automatically discover and monitor other LAN devices

  • Preempt failure using artificial intelligence methods

  • Remote console support

  • Automatic policy-controlled actions on events

  • Take advantage of fast and modern network carriers

  • And more!

Sell more, quicker and better!


  • Focus on your business' value proposition and have the infrastructure in place to support it

  • Reduce time-to-market for new systems and new applications

  • Sell more features and more applications to already-deployed devices quickly and easily, driving future income

  • Offer management services to your customers

  • Use any compatible hardware device 

  • Brand and sell as part of your own system

  • And more!

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