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Healthcare & Medical

In the healthcare and medical industry there is a technical revolution under way - a revolution for connectable equipment and devices.


  • Advanced machinery for analysis and providing information to aid medical staff find the correct diagnosis

  • Telemedicine services and mobile health is gaining popularity enabling medical device manufacturers to extend their market offering into the home.

  • IoT-style sensors, often in the form as wearables, can provide additional data for diagnosis and can provide remote patient monitoring services.


All these applications in the healthcare and medical markets imply huge requirements to uptime, accuracy and reliability. The FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System will provide the basic infrastructure to achieve these requirements.


The Continua Health Alliance has defined guidelines for systems in the healthcare and medical industry. Implementing your systems using the FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System will ease the implementation effort needed and may contribute in shortening the product certification process. 



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