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«Cities in Motion» is FourC's vision for ITS and Public Transport for vibrant, modern cities of the world. In spite of population growth, globalization and threats to the environment, we envision that cities adopting open ITS and Public Transport software systems that are considered state-of-the-art will be empowered to combat these issues effectively and directly. «Cities in Motion» incorporates the idea of adding "smartness" to the business intelligence systems in ITS and Public Transport areas even further by adding inputs from sensor systems and Internet of Things devices.


Having adapted to the «Cities in Motion» vision will mean that decision makers like city planners, transportation authorities and traffic planning agencies have the intelligent tools with both real-time and historical information available at their fingertips. This will enable them to manage their city in the best possible way, with ease and with the greatest benefit to the visitors, tourists and inhabitants of their city in a way never before possible. The «Cities in Motion» is the incarnation of the popular «Smart City» concept applied in detail to ITS and Public Transport.


At FourC we support this vision in everything we make and do both in the short term and in the long term. Every product is vision-compatible. Every device supports the infrastructure. Every function adds value. 


Our products are made for openness; our ITS and Public Transport Cities in Motion Open Service Platform have open interfaces at nodes and in the cloud-based management system. Other companies' products can easily be deployed and combined with our own products and even with the products of competitors on every node, in every roadside installation and in every vehicle. Systems should be open. Information should be free. The time of closed systems is at an end!



Cities in Motion Services


  • CiM Open Service Platform - The open and vendor-independent system integration and management platform for all ITS and public transport installations

  • CiM Passenger Flow Analysis - Revolutionary patent pending passenger flow analysis system

  • CiM LiveScreen - Infotainment-as-a-Service for transport

  • CiM Future Ticketing - Join the public transport ticketing revolution with ID- and account-based ticketing


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