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World’s first “Infotainment-as-a-Service” with programmatic advertising for transport!
«Cities in Motion» LiveScreen takes digital signage and infotainment to completely new levels. Based on state-of-the-art digital technology, LiveScreen delivers infotainment to vehicles, bus stops and other prominent areas where passengers and the public alike can benefit from a smooth blend of information, advertisements and other presentations.


No more vendor lock-in


The public transport sector is increasingly installing passenger information and infotainment systems into vehicles and on strategic places. Until now, such systems have mostly been “lock-in” systems that tie the customer to a specific type of hardware and a specific supplier of the software. By using the software-as-a-service paradigm, «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform and the LiveScreen service break this lock-in, and let the customers freely choose off-the-shelf hardware to run the infotainment service on — possibly together with other services like ticketing, passenger flow analysis, real-time information and passenger wi-fi, to mention a few, on the very same hardware.


Infotainment as a Service


«Cities in Motion» LiveScreen is the world's first fully open "infotainment as a service" targetted towards transport. In contrast to other digital signage solutions, LiveScreen is delivered over the air to already existing computers in vehicles or other places that are running FourC's feature-rich «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform.


Combine with already existing real-time software


Thanks to an ingenious solution for monitor control integrated into the «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform, LiveScreen can run together with most already existing and possibly closed loop passenger information systems that might already be installed in public transport vehicles. This can be done even with close to no changes to existing real-time information software installations from several suppliers.


«Cities in Motion» is FourC’s vision of ITS and public transport for vibrant, modern cities of the world. We envision that, faced with the challenges of population growth and increasing environmental concerns, transport authorities adopting open, state-of-the-art ITS and public transport software systems will be empowered to address these issues directly and effectively.

Cloud Management


LiveScreen is fully managed from the cloud using eye-catching and responsive management software. A wide range of slide types and information sources like various social media can be included into the slide sets. Scheduling and local caching are of course included.

Programmatic Advertising


Also a world's first for transport, «Cities in Motion» LiveScreen includes support for what is known in the advertising business as "programmatic advertising". With LiveScreen, bus companies as well as public transport authorities and operators can register their “advertising inventory” and let LiveScreen automatically provide income-generating advertisements without having to engage personnel to sell ads and ad placements. In short, this creates a steady income stream with near to no effort by the transport company.




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