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Sales Benefits

Using FourC Groovy Cloud Systems can boost your sales and revenue. Read more about how we can drive your sales faster and further!

- Reduce time-to-market for new systems and new applications
The problem!


Developing a good M2M system from scratch will take some time. You need to get communication, management, data collection, security and infrastructure services in place - before you can start selling your M2M application. You could choose to develop all this yourself, but really - wouldn't you rather spend that time on your actual application? Developing all this will eventually delay your M2M market introduction. It might even be so delayed that you loose your market opportunity!

The solution!


Forget about tedius infrastructure issues. Use the FourC Groovy Cloud System to reduce time-to-market to an absolute minimum and start selling your end-user applications NOW using our ready-made infrastructure. 

- Sell new features and more applications to already-deployed devices
The problem!


Let's say your company has built a fantastic new M2M application. The day will come when the  customer will want to add or change features of the application, now in production on many remote devices. Or, they might want to add another separate application to the already distributed devices. This is a huge business opportunity that you might lose due to the technical challenges of actually delivering new things to the distributed devices. Sales lost.

The solution!


The FourC Groovy Cloud System makes it extremely easy to add new features and new products to already-deployed and installed devices running the FourC Groovy Device Platform. This creates new possibilities for you as the application owner to add and sell upgrades to existing applications or to add new applications.


You could even offer to deploy third-party applications on devices completely safely due to the ingenious application security architecture of the Groovy Device Platform.


Don't limit your future options by deploying a locked-down system - use the FourC Groovy Cloud System to ensure future revenue!

- Offer management services as part of your business proposal
The problem!


Delivering a distributed M2M system can be a lead to a long-term relationship with the customer. Why limit your sales options to the only the first delivery? Why not offer full management services to your end user as an added bonus in the project?

The solution!


The FourC Groovy Cloud System can be branded as your company's own system. When demonstrating your product, selling management services as an add-on should be easy. Doing so adds to the revenue of the project and since the Groovy management system is easy to use and comes with with a host of automated possibilities, costs for operating it are low. Result: Added revenue!

- Brand and sell as your own system
The problem!


Want to offer full system infrastructure as part of your distributed M2M solution? Have limited time and resources to make your own?

The solution!


We offer full OEM branding possibilities for the FourC Groovy Cloud System. Contact us today to discuss possibilities and start selling tomorrow!

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