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The Board of Directors

The board of directors is elected by the shareholders to oversee the executive management of the company and to ensure that the long-term interests of the shareholders and other interested parties are being served.


The board of directors has ultimate responsibility for the management of the company and for supervising its day-to-day business and activities in general. Its main responsibilities are to determine and oversee the company’s overall vision, objectives and strategy. The board of directors also ensures that the company’s activities are well organised, keeping itself informed about the company’s financial situation and ensuring that the company’s risk exposure is handled by the management in an appropriate way.




The Board Members

Karl Lund

Chairman of the Board


Karl Lund has an M.Sc. degree in computer science, and works with managing his investment company's portfolio. He has extensive experiences in managing technology and start-ups, both as board member, investor and as employee in previous years. 

Olav Tanberg

Board Member


Olav Tanberg has a Master degree in Business and Finance from the Norwegian School of Economics, and is currently working as CFO in the Kleven Group. He also has long experience in start-ups, e.g. he was part of the team that built Viz Risk Management AS from three employees until exit and sale to Brady plc in 2010.

Torgeir Hofsli

Board Member


Torgeir Hofsli is working as COO and Managing Director Infrastructure in SportRadar AG. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales, product and business development in a variety of industries, such as CTO in FARA ASA, Business Developer at Visma, CTO in Mobile Media, Director of Solutions & Consulting at EDB Fellesdata AS, Director of Software Engineering in Novit AS and Head of Results- and Information Systems at the Lillehammer Olympic Comittee. He has an M.Sc. degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and a BBA from BI-Norwegian Business School. Torgeir has board experience from a long list of companies.

Aasmund Frøseth

Board Member


Aasmund Frøseth holds a M.Sc. degree in computer science. He works as a business advisor and investor in the tech field. He has extensive experience from a number of companies, both as chairman of the board, board member, founder/co-founder and as CEO. Frøseth is the founder of ConsultIT (now Acando Norway AS) that was acquired by Acando AB in 2007. He has also worked as a research scientist/department manager in SINTEF and as corporate finance partner in Incepto M & A partners.

Karl Petter Askim

Board Member


Karl P. Askim holds an M.Sc. in physics. After 25 years in the IT industry he currently holds the position as VP of Customer Services at global software actor DinERP AS. He co-founded Enterprise Search vendor InfoFinder AS in 2000 and held several managing positions over the years located in Norway and the US. The company is today known as VirtualWorks and is located in Norway, Sweden, Germany and the US. Karl Petter has board experience from several startup companies.

Arild Sandø

Board Member


Arild Sandø is a Senior Business Consultant at Tieto Corporation. He has comprehensive experience from global gas sales and transport industry, achieved through 20 successive years of international consulting practice. By education, he has a B.Sc. from Sør-Trøndelag University College and is now attending a Master of Management program at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, specialising in Strategy & Business Development.

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