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GeoSignage infotainment now available “as a service” on FourC’s Open Service Platform

Trondheim/Norway, June 7, 2019 --- As a long-lasting proponent of open systems and lock-in-free solutions, FourC is proud to present GeoSignage AB’s innovative GeoSignage infotainment as yet another service available on FourC’s Open Service Platform. Any standard vehicle computer or gateway can now have GeoSignage running on the very same device that runs other services like Passenger Wi-Fi, Passenger Flow Analysis, Movietime, Webviewer, Beaconizer or Ticketing.

“Infotainment and digital signage are natural parts of the expected service levels in public transport today. For quite some time we have been looking for a cost-efficient, feature-rich and easy-to-use system for location-aware infotainment with various public transport interfaces. It is a pleasure to now be able to offer GeoSignage’s services to our valued partners and customers”, says FourC’s CEO Tor Rune Skoglund.


Johan Posse, CEO of GeoSignage, says “We are proud and excited to be part of FourC’s Open Service Platform as this will make our system more available for public transport companies. We believe our Content Management System will be appreciated by FourC’s customers as we see an increased market interest of CMSs developed with a clear focus on public transportation. I look forward to a successful partnership with FourC.”


The GeoSignage player runs in a safe, virtual environment on the same standard vehicle computer as other services from other vendors with the help of FourC’s Open Service Platform. The service can be installed over-the-air without the need to add more hardware to the vehicle. The first commercial system is already up and running in Hordaland county in Norway.


For more information, please contact:

FourC AS: Tor Rune Skoglund, CEO, +47 72 55 99 00,

Geosignage AB: Johan Posse, CEO, +46 705 30 31 94,



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Read the press release in PDF: English

About FourC AS

The start-up FourC AS is delivering a range of smart city, transport and mobility products and services, including an infrastructure platform for management of distributed systems with focus on the Internet of Things, energy, M2M, transport, healthcare, smart homes and automation. The customised version of this platform built for public transport is named “Cities in Motion Open Service Platform”, on which bus companies, public transport authorities and operators can deploy a broad range of services. FourC has 10 employees with head offices in Trondheim.



About GeoSignage AB

GeoSignage provides a Content Management System (CMS) for infotainment in public transport. Infotainment systems (displays and mobile devices) can be used to give passengers traffic information, news, advertisements and entertainment, in the right time and place. GeoSignage CMS maximises the utility of an infotainment system, by offering easy location-based triggering, dynamic playback adaptation and a user-friendly, cost-effective administration. 




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