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Introducing the open and vendor-independent system integration and management platform for all ITS and public transport installations


«Cities in Motion» is FourC’s vision of ITS and public transport for vibrant, modern cities of the world. We envision that, faced with the challenges of population growth and increasing environmental concerns, transport authorities adopting open, state-of-the-art ITS and public transport software systems will be empowered to address these issues directly and effectively.

Open Service Platform

Modern city solutions should be based on modern technology. The «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform is a state-of-the-art ITS management platform that can incorporate public transport model data. This enables the platform to provide this core data to services running in the cloud or on devices in the field, e.g. in vehicles or at bus stops.


On all nodes, other companies’ products can easily be deployed and combined with FourC’s products, in every roadside installation and in every vehicle. The platform fully supports the concept of open systems and free information. All customer data in the system is available using standardized APIs or predefined reports.


As of May 2018, the Open Service Platform also support ITxPT modules and services.

The «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform runs on any computer with the lowest memory and CPU requirements possible. Products in the form of “services” can easily be added, removed, enabled or disabled using the cloud API. The platform offers features such as asset management, provisioning and orchestration, position services, maps, monitoring, remote control and much more. It even includes a ready-to-use messaging framework to help application developers drastically reduce time-to-market for new ITS services.

A wide range of service technology types can be used. Any number of Linux distributions, Docker containers, Android apps and  Windows applications can all be combined independently and without side-effects to each other on each single device.

The time has come to break the vendor lock-in when buying transport system applications and embrace the service delivery model in transport too. FourC’s «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform for ITS and public transport makes this possible.



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