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Kiosks and Self Service

FAIL: Self service machine at shopping mall

Kiosks are often installed in harsh environments and are prone to wear and tear. The FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System integrates hardware monitoring that can produce early warnings before hardware failures actually happen. Combined with the artificial intelligence features of the FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System, preventive maintenance procedures can be implemented to prevent failure before actual on-site service might be needed.

Kiosks and self service solutions are everywhere: at airports, in shopping malls, in streets and even as fully automated stores and warehouses.


As shop personnel is removed from the shopping process, extra care must be taken to ensure that the kiosk system is always up and running and that it is easy to use for any customer. User friendliness and overall design of the kiosk and its user interface is vital to support the the young, the elderly and the disabled.


To achieve these goals, FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System plays a central role. It supports the kiosk's software infrastructure solutions by providing smooth and secure updates to application software, meaning that downtime can be close to zero. Additonally, it ensures that several applications can be installed at the same time without affecting any application already present. Even different applications' GUIs can be easily integrated. This means that the kiosk device can adapt to new solutions, thereby increasing its lifetime and the potential sales from the device.

FAIL: Self service machine at shopping mall

To reduce manufacturing time of new kiosk and self service solutions, FourC even provides a payment terminal library with full payment service provider integration available for all Europe, with the result that kiosk integrators and manufactures can drastically reduce time-to-market for new solutions. The FourC EMV Payment Library supports contact and contactless EMV cards. Read more on the payment library here: The FourC EMV Payment Library.


The FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System is the future-proof solution for the kiosk and self service market.



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