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The Connected Car

The Connected Car is in many ways the "new, big thing" in the car industry. The Connected Car is the coming together of communications technologies, information systems and safety devices to provide vehicles with an increasing level of sophistication and automation. This process will change not just how cars are used but also the relationship between a car and its driver. This, in turn, will affect the way vehicles are made and sold. Eventually, it is the connected car that may deliver a driverless future.

When choosing the right platform for the connected car of the future, car
manufacturers have several important matters to consider. For example:


  • Car lifetime

  • Life-cycle management

  • The need to support future, unplanned applications

  • Updateability and upgradability

  • Support for new technologies


The FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System is a very good choice when it comes to all of these matters. When compared to platforms which are bound to a specific version of some hardware (e.g. like most Android installations), the advantages stand out, e.g.:


  • The FourC solution can be supported for years on both new and old car-installed computer systems. 

  • It can adapt to new technologies while still maintaining support for the older systems of the same manufacturer - something not easily possible with today's Android-, Windows- and iOS-based car solutions when considering the life-span of a car and the need to support the car's full life-cycle. This reduced development costs as one single product can drives sales from cars of almost any age.

The open architecture and interfaces of FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System makes it very easy to add new and value-adding applications to an established system.



Want to learn more?


  • Go to the FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System product page

  • Contact us to learn more on how we suggest to solve the challengies for connected car systems management

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