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FourC EMV Payment Library

The FourC EMV Payment Library is specifically designed for use in kiosk and self-service environments for credit card payment collection and processing. The library is available to all FourC customers to ease implementation of credit card based payment solutions in any end-user application that runs on any FourC Groovy platform. 


The library is also available for customers wanting to implement payment processing on platforms not running FourC Groovy platforms.





  • Both contact and contactless cards supported 

  • Integrated connection to PSP (payment service provider)

  • Full end-to-end support for the complete payment, acquisition and settling process

  • High-level application interface

  • Linux (.so) and Windows (.dll) versions with command line support tools

  • Supports payment, acquisition, cancellation and all necessary payment actions for manned and unmanned sales terminals

  • Application interface for card ID without further payment processing

  • Transparent and automatic pass-through mode for ISO14443 transportation cards*) like Mifare (on selected terminals supporting them in hardware)



Lets move on!





*) Transportation card support will be supported in the next release.

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