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FourC announces Passenger Wi-Fi “as-a-service”

Trondheim, 30 April 2016 --- FourC is glad to announce yet another service on the increasingly popular Cities in Motion Service Platform for transport. Cities in Motion Passenger Wi-Fi makes it possible to offer Wi-Fi services to passengers without any specialised hardware equipment installation into the vehicle.

“It is just a couple of months since we released the first fully commercially available service on our open service platform. In just two months, we have now released the second service in an upcoming long range of services running on any single, industry-standard vehicle computer for transport. This demonstrates the enormous cost-saving potential by moving the software-as-a-service model to public transport in-vehicle systems also”, says Tor Rune Skoglund, CEO of FourC AS.


In our more and more connected, online world, Wi-Fi access is now common everywhere. Since public transport vehicles often have network connectivity of some sort in any case, offering a Wi-Fi service on-board is a fairly simple and easy way to make passengers even more happy. Having access to the Internet for reading newspapers, mails, or being on Facebook or Snapchat makes the travel itself feel shorter and quicker.


In particular, for tourists and travelers without a local mobile phone data subscription plan, Cities in Motion Passenger Wi-Fi is a very good way to make public transport even more attractive.


On longer trips, e.g. on trains and long distance buses, passengers can expect to use the travel time doing productive work on their laptop or tablet. This is of course something that cannot be done while driving in a private car and makes an even more compelling case to use public transport for work-related travels.

FourC’s CiM Passenger Wi-Fi runs as a service and is installed over-the-air to new or existing Cities in Motion Service Platform deployments that have an available Wi-Fi device installed. The system administrator can add their own landing and welcome pages to promote new offers and services. Additionally, the system includes the option to use access codes to access the Internet. To prevent bandwidth abuse, various filters can be selected to limit access to e.g. download or malware sites.


CiM Passenger Wi-Fi does not need its own hardware device in the vehicle. It runs as-a-service alongside other services on a single, standard vehicle computer in the vehicle. This drastically reduces both the investment and installation costs for the solution. Other services available or to come in the near future are CiM LiveScreen infotainment, CiM Passenger Flow Analysis, CiM Future Ticketing and more.

For more information, please contact:


Tor Rune Skoglund, CEO FourC AS

+47 72 55 99 00



About FourC AS


The start-up FourC AS ( is developing an infrastructure platform for management of distributed systems with focus on the Internet of Things, M2M, transport, healthcare, smart homes and automation. The customised version of this platform built for public transport is named “Cities in Motion Service Platform”, on which bus companies, public transport authorities and operators can deploy a broad range of services. FourC has 11 employees with head offices in Trondheim and a branch office in the UK. The company has received support from Norway’s research council for a €4M R&D project in the area of new solutions for public transport in Norway. More information about this project can be found at



Read this press release in PDF here


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