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FourC wins new innovation projects

Trondheim/Norway, May 22, 2019 --- In fierce competition with other applicants, FourC has won two new mobility R&D innovation projects. The projects once again establish FourC as one of the most innovative ICT mobility companies in Norway. These two new innovation projects comes in addition to the already running Horizon 2020 smart city project +CityxChange in which FourC is providing the MaaS software solution.



Project 1: Multimodal travel pattern analysis


The first of the two new projects is part of the Research Council of Norway’s new “Pilot-T” program, which enables state-of-the-art, innovative companies to obtain funding for large-scale mobility and transport related pilots. The project has a size of approx. €1 million and is conducted together with Kolumbus, the public transport authority of Rogaland county, and SINTEF. The project will analyse and visualise the multimodal travel pattern in Stavanger city on buses, boats, ferries and city bikes utilising FourC’s Passenger Flow Analysis service. More than 130 vehicles will take part in the pilot and data from several sources like APC systems will be added to the analytic engine in order to calculate a highly detailed origin-destination matrix. The resulting matrix will be made available for import into the public transport planning system and other systems in order to improve the efficiency of the travel system.



Project 2: IOT-STOP: Innovative passenger information system using NB-IoT


The second project is conducted together with the public transport authorities in the counties of Hordaland (Skyss) and Sogn og Fjordane (Kringom), in addition to Telenor and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The project will provide a new and innovative passenger information system for use on mains-less bus stops, which are typical in rural areas. In the project NTNU will provide an AI engine which will optimize how to provide passenger information most efficiently. Telenor will provide the NB-IoT hardware and communication solution using their NB-IoT system. The project’s size is €500.000 and runs until end of 2021, being supported by Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government's instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.



In addition the already running H2020 smart city project, FourC’s is currently partaking in new and running R&D projects who amount to nearly €2.2 million.



For more information, please contact:


Tor Rune Skoglund, CEO
+47 72 55 99 00



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Read the press release in PDF: English

About FourC AS

The start-up FourC AS ( is delivering a range of smart city, transport and mobility products and services, including an infrastructure platform for management of distributed systems with focus on the Internet of Things, energy, M2M, transport, healthcare, smart homes and automation. The customised version of this platform built for public transport is named “Cities in Motion Open Service Platform”, on which bus companies, public transport authorities and operators can deploy a broad range of services. FourC has 10 employees with head offices in Trondheim.

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