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The FourC Groovy platform series is suitable for every M2M/IoT market. Read more on how they fit your market's specific requirements:



M2M/Distributed Computing


Machine to machine and distributed computing system needs good management systems. The FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System is the ideal platform solution for any M2M systems as it has the features needed to easy development and deployment, fight operational costs and drive sales.  [Read more...]

Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is the expression that is meant to describe the increasing installation of devices that in some way communicates with something else. As computers and computing devices get smaller, cheaper and more powerful, the number of installation increase rapidly. These devices might be local sensors without mainstream OS'es, or they can be so-called IoT edge hubs that collect and retransmit information to and from a cloud system. The FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System is an ideal platform for smart IoT things, edge devices, proxies or hubs as it integrates all features needed to manage such systems over a long period of time.  [Read more...]

Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry is getting more and more focused on using modern technology to improve revenue as the oil is getting harder to find in several places around the world. As oil and gas prises rise to new levels, full control over the production facilities, the equipment, and the oil and gas itself is a necessity. [Read more...]

Marine and Maritime


Ships, boats, fish farm, environmental surveillance, buoys with sensors... all with systems that today are relative manual and without much standardisation. These will soon be struck by the M2M wave. Autonomous ships, early warning systems for environmental accidents, interface standardasation, communication links and Internet access are subjects that are getting increased attention in these markets today. [Read more...]

Industrial Solutions


Automation and automation control is defined as the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. [Read more...]

The Connected Car


The Connected Car is in many ways the "new, big thing" in the car industry. The Connected Car is the coming together of communications technologies, information systems and safety devices to provide vehicles with an increasing level of sophistication and automation. [Read more...]

Intelligent Transport Systems


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) includes a variety of subjects: Car navigation, roadside installations, parking guidance, autonomous vehicles, cameras for vehicle identification and speed detection and so on. Many of these are driven by a "computer" that are subject to harsh environmental conditions the affects the lifetime of the device. Fixing failing equipment is costly due to remote and often inaccessible installation locations. The solution to cope with these challenges is FourC's Cities in Motion Service Platform which includes the all the features expected from any software platform for ITS solutions. [Read more...]

Public Transport


As the world's population grow, achieving efficient public transport is essential to the worlds' cities. FourC's extension of the Groovy M2M Cloud System for transport, the FourC Cities in Motion Service Platform, is the ideal platform for any devices that are part of a public transport solution. [Read more...]

Kiosks and Self Service


Kiosks and self service solutions are everywhere! At airports, in shopping malls, in streets and even as fully automated stores and warehouses. As shop personnel is removed from the shopping process, extra care must be taken to ensure that the kiosk system is always up and running, and that it is easy to use for any citizen....  [Read more...]

Home Automation


Home automation systems and "smart homes" are gaining increasing popularity as technology advances and relevant hardware gets cheaper. More and more devices get some kind of communication interface that let them  interact with other devices or message HUBs within the home, in the purpose of saving energy, climate control, security or just for convenience. [Read more...]

Healthcare and Medical


In the healthcare and medical industry, there is a revolution going on for connectable equipment and devices. Advanced machinery for analysis and helping the doctors in setting the correct diagnosis. [Read more...]

Sensor Systems


A sensor is a device that detects events or quantitative changes, and then provides an output signal of some kind. A lot of sensors are often connected to a central system, and is therefore named "sensor system".  [Read more...]

The Smart Grid


The "smart grid" is the modernized version of the electrical grid that IT to collect information about the grids status and condition, and to act on such, for the purpose of improving efficiency, economy and sustainability for production and distribution of energy. The "smart grid" includes all parts of the electrical system - from the manufacturing process, and out to the customers, e.g. in the form of smart and automatic home metering. Such installations need the FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System to help managing maintenance, feature set and health surveillance over the full life-length of the long-lived installations.

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