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Busskart was a service that showed where buses are in real-time on a map. To begin with, the buses on AtB in Trondheim were implemented. The service was available as a web page and apps to Android and iPhone.

What happened to


Unfortunately, AtB stopped delivering free, open and reliable SIRI VM data from August 2019. In order to provide, this datafeed was essential to the service. We were hoping this was just a transient and temporary problem with the new real-time information system that was put into operation at that time. But now, more than a year has passed, and we have lost hope in getting easy access to the data again. Therefore, we are sad to say that we cannot afford to keep paying the costs of having the service and its servers alert and ready.

Which alternatives are there?


There are alternatives! For instance, you can still use AtB's apps and solutions, which you can read more about on their web page

C'on! I really liked the Busskart app!


Well, we did too! Actually, we plan to finish another solution in another project quite soon! This new solution is planned to have all that Busskart had, and even more.


Stay tuned!

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