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Marine and Maritime

Ships, boats, fish farms, environmental surveillance, buoys with sensors... all with systems that today are managed relatively manually and with little standardisation. These will soon be struck by the M2M wave. Autonomous ships, early warning systems for environmental incidents, interface standardisation and communication links are subjects that are getting increased attention in today's markets.


The marine and maritime markets are still somewhat different to land-based markets.


  • Internet connection speeds can be slow and costly due to relying on satellite links.

  • Contacting the usual channels for on-site support is unlikely to be possible

  • Planning software updates to a device on the other side of the world can be challenging due to time zone differences, language barriers, IT competence and system knowledge.


This is where the FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System comes into play. Since it contains features for handling slow and unstable Internet connections, support for satellite modems and special procedures for managing potentially costly bandwith, it offers its full feature set for these types of installations also. 



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