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Join the Public Transport Ticketing Revolution!


New advances in contactless payment technology are changing the face of ticketing and payment systems, making legacy, closed-loop transportation cards obsolete. Contactless EMV cards and mobile phones are becoming
the standard choice for the enlightened passenger of the future.


Public transport ticketing now moves to the central system-based approaches instead of old fashioned card-centric solutions, thereby eliminating all the well-known maintenance and management problems of those old systems.

Future Ticketing

FourC's «Cities in Motion» Future Ticketing takes the ID- and account-based concept even further by adding support for any kinds of valid identifiers (e.g. QR/barcodes or legacy travel cards) and not limiting the solution to contactless EMV cards only.


The ticketing system has open interfaces and well-crafted APIs that make all customer data available for the system owner, thereby limiting the well-known lock-in effect that other ticketing systems are known for.


The solution is installed as a service on any standard computer device, including all «Cities in Motion» Open Service Platform-tested devices.



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